Eastern German Studies Association

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Studies Association
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The Eastern German Studies Association was an association of scholars interested in that part of Germany once known as the German Democratic Republic. It disbanded in 2002.

This page will remain on the Internet for the foreseeable future, but will not be regularly maintained.

The ESGA newsletter was published twice a year. Its past newsletters will remain available on this site.

The following issues are available:

October 2002: The latest and last news

Past issues:

 April 1994

April 1994 Supplement

October 1994

May 1995

October 1995

April 1996

October 1996

April 1997

October 1997

April 1998

November 1998

April 1999

November 1999

April 2000

October 2000

April 2001

April 2002

Other information on Eastern Germany is available at the following places:

Research News:

  • Ulrich Mählert’s Aktuelles aus der DDR-Forschung: The best source for news on current research on the GDR. It appears several times annually in Deutschland Archiv.

Mostly Academic Sites Relevant to Eastern Germany:

Miscellaneous Sites Relevant to Eastern Germany:

Useful Documents:

  • Guide to the McAdams Collection: A list of tapes of interviews by A. James McAdams with GDR leaders (in Adobe Acrobat format). The material is at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
  • GDR Abbreviations: Brian Zdan kindly provided me with a copy of the Kleines Abkürzungsbuch, a 1986 GDR publication that translates 6500 abbreviations. If you come across one that puzzles you, drop me a note and I’ll look it up for you. My email address is bytw2calvin.edu [Replace the “2” with an “@”].
  • Die Wunderbare Jahre: An essay in Dutch, with a bibliography.

Useful Commercial Sites:

  • Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer Bücher: A unified catalog of used books available from many dealers in Germany. This is a remarkably easy way to find if an out-of-print book is available. The database currently has over 4,500,000 books.
  • ABE Books: Another good place to find German used books.

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