Bytwerk Family Tree

This branch of the Bytwerk family is descended from Peter (1897-1976) and Ida (Musch) (1894-1981) Bytwerkof Muskegon Michigan, who had four sons:

  • Robert Bytwerk (b. 1926): Married to Ruth Bytwerk (1927-1999). Three surviving children:
    • Randall Bytwerk (b. 1950): Professor at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Married to Sharon Bytwerk. One surviving child:
      • David Bytwerk (b. 1980).
      • Katharine Bytwerk (1984-1996).
    • Beth Byrne (b. 1955), of Rockford, Michigan
      • Heather Byrne
      • Aaron Byrne
    • Jeanne Bytwerk Vander Veer (b. 1961) of West Olive, MI, married to Grant Vander Veer.
      • Sophia Grace Vander Veer (b. 1999)
      • Gavin Robert Vander Veer (b. 2002).
    • Daniel Bytwerk (1951-1955).
  • Edward and Betty Bytwerk of Spring Lake, MI. Three children:
    • Diane Elaine Hanway of Marshall, MI.
    • Barbara Sue (Bytwerk) Labrie, a veterinarian practicing in Grand Haven, MI.
    • Scott Bytwerk
  • John (1922-2007) and Mary Bytwerk of Muskegon, MI. John was formerly married to Nellie Bytwerk (d. 1999). Three surviving children:
    • Susan
    • Bruce Bytwerk, married to Luanne Bytwerk. Muskegon, MI. Four children:
      • Benjamin Bytwerk (b. 1988)
      • Bethany Bytwerk (b. 1992)
      • Noah Bytwerk (b. 1996)
      • Nicholas Bytwerk (b. 1998)
    • Janice and Laurens Ten Kate
    • Patricia Medendorp (1946-1980)
  • Clarence Bytwerk (1928-1979).

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