An errata sheet for a book

Errata Sheet for Aristotle Kallis, Nazi Propaganda and World War II
(Palgrave Macmillian, 2005)

The author and publishers would like to acknowledge the kind contribution
of the cover image by Prof Randall Bytwerk. The image appears at The website should have also appeared
in the bibliography section of the book.

Also, the author would like to acknowledge that the following documents
quoted in the book appear as translated excerpts at (translation by
Randall Bytwerk):

p. 73/n.41, p. 74/n.47, p. 78/n.68, p. 79/n.79, p. 80/n.73 and n.76, p.
87/n.108, p. 89/n.115, p. 91/n.118, p. 95/n.8, p. 100/n.30, p. 102/n.40, p.
123/n.68, p. 134/n.24, p. 136/n.37, p. 155/n.8, p. 163/n.59, p. 166/n.85, p.
169/n.99, p. 170/n.102, p. 171/n.109, p. 175/n.141 and n.144, p. 179/n.170,
p. 183/n.193, p. 184/n.195

We sincerely apologise for the above editorial omissions.

p. xi: Prof Randall Bytwerk teaches at Calvin College, Grand Rapids,
p. 3: Ich klage an
p. 21: Reichsfilmdramaturg
p. 129, n.113: Zeitschriften-Dienst, 5.2.1943, translated and available at
p. 135: victory or Bolshevik chaos
p. 161: Rostock
Jeffrey Herf

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